• “I used to charge for a jpg proofing CD and a courier to send my images to the client and only one person at a time could look at them. My average cost for this service was $75. Now, I take that same administration fee and charge it under digital edit suite. Simple See allows my clients, however many and wherever they are to view and order off the site at the same time.” I love it! Thanks Simplesee.
    - Photographer, Calgary
  • “I was doing an assignment for Time Magazine who needed a portrait of a writer. The only time the writer was available was Friday morning and Time magazine goes to press Friday late afternoon. I finished shooting the portrait at 10 am. I had the jpg's processed, the gallery created and the link sent to the art director by 10:30 am. By noon he had sent me back the order and by 12:30 pm I had processed out the file high res and sent it to him via ftp. The turn around was amazing!!!!!! Time magazine had ample time to layout the shoot and go to press at 5 pm. .”
    - Photographer, Calgary
  • “Your site is fantastic!! Easy interface and all the necessary tools for picking and communicating. Clever you.”
    – L.Fraser, Calgary
  • “I did a series of corporate group portraits in the morning. I was done by 9:30 a.m. and by 10 a.m. the client and art director were both reviewing the images on Simple See. They were able to review and choose images from two separate places. By 11:30 a.m. I received the orders and had the final images loaded onto my FTP site by 1 p.m. From the FTP site, the art director, client and printer were able to access the final image. That same afternoon, the client used the photo for a power point presentation, the art director dropped it into a lay out and I was able to send out an invoice. We all walked away extremely happy.”
    - K.Jones, Calgary
  • "I love the way simple see represents my work. Every time I send out a link I feel like my work is being seen in the best way possible. I have had great feedback from my clients. I love the way the images can be seen so large and I can customize the backgrounds to best showcase each session. I have also had effortless sales come in from using Simplesee e-com. In the past I 'm sure I lost orders because clients had to fill out a form and mail in their payment. This is fast, immediate, secure and simple to use. It has increased my on line revenue by 30%."
    - Trudie Lee commercial photographer, Calgary Alberta Canada
  • " produce a magazine called Canadian Scrapbooker. Every magazine has approximately 250 to 300 photographs that are specifically labeled to be place into separate areas for the magazine. Due to this large volume of imagery there are always images that are missed labeled and the designer can not find them. Now my photographer loads all images into a Simplesee gallery. I now go through the gallery with my designer (who lives in a different city) and explain with extreme ease which are the photographs in questions. This on line gallery has improved my magazine and my working relationship with my designer. We can now simply confirm the images in question and easily make our print deadlines."
    - Jackie L, Canadian Scrapbooker