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Here are the details regarding the types of accounts required to accept payments via PayPal.

  1. Click on the "Signup" on PayPal's website. You will then see the attached image.
  2. In order to accept payments, the user must have (or signup for) either a "Premier" (personal use) or "Business" account
  3. For users with a Premier account, Payers to that account are required to have a PayPal account.
  4. Business Accounts. Require a bank account with the name of your business associated with it. But the benefit of a business account is that it allows users to pay you Without a PayPal account (ie. just a credit card). See the differences by clicking on the link "Already have a PayPal account? Upgrade now." as shown in the attached image. The minimal Business account required is "Website Payments Standard". Anything above this type of account requires additional charges/fees.

Fee schedule for Premier Accounts and Business "Website Payments Standard"


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