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This is the section to select one of the many viewing options to choose from for making presentations to your buyers.

Go to "Clients" choose a client or create a new one and click on the client name. If you already have a gallery for this client you can change it by clicking "Edit" or click "Add New Photo Gallery".

"Use as personal Gallery" is to turn the gallery into a Web Site. Choosing to use this as your personal gallery will make this the default personal gallery for your sub domain.

"Gallery Expiry Date", is used to set a date that the URL will close. This is great for specials and for wedding/portrait photographers who want to help their clients order within a limited time.

"Gallery Password" is an option that is used on the sign in page for clients to log in to view your galleries. You can assign a different password for each gallery you send or not use it at all. Gallery Passwords add extra security for your clients.

The description box area is another option. The information you write ends up on the client view side of your gallery.

Normal View, Pan View, Thumbnail are the three ways of displaying your work. Enable one at a time or use two or all three combined. Designers and clients like the use of all three for different uses.

"Compare Button" allows the buyer to view photos side by side for comparison. You can set the new image as your favorite. You can also favorite an image while comparing.

"Enlarge Button" enlarges images for viewing. Designers can use this for creating position images and client proofs. To save an image to the desktop with the proper file name and jpeg number instruct your client to, "Enlarge Image", "Right click", and go down to, "Save Image As". The files, if loaded to the maximum size for Simplesee, are 10.5" , 26.67 cm wide, by default. If you are uncertain about how someone will use the photo, use the watermarking tool.

"Comment Button" allows your buyer, art director, to give instructions and leave comments about specific images. For example "Can you photoshop... crop.. etc"... These comments are emailed to you along with a thumbnail of the image.

"Favorite Button" is the ordering tool for your credit clients. They create their list when they highlight this icon. When they click "Send Order" you receive the orders from your clients and they do not pay on line. This icon when used with the "E-commerce Button" acts as a highlighting tool to keep track of their favorites in the client view side of the gallery.

"E-Commerce Button" allows your buyers to pay for orders online. The service is connected to PayPal.

"Current Gallery Template" area has 8 different color changes to choose from. Drop down the menu and pick one of the colors to best showcase your work.

"Save Gallery Settings" icon sets your selection of options. Every one of the options can be used in any combination for every URL sent out. Send yourself an invite to confirm that you have loaded all the right options. If you want to make changes simply go back to your gallery, click on "Edit" and make the desired changes then re-click "Save Gallery Settings". Go back to your client view page and refresh your browser. This will bring up your changes. Happy Simpleseeing!


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