Tutorials > Editing Photos in Your Gallery

To edit individual photos click on the photo and it will enlarge. You then click on "Edit" and can change this photo for another photo from your desktop or you can click "Delete" and delete the photo from the list entirely. You can also click on the "Star" and highlight this photo as a favorite. This will change the color of the window box from white to yellow on the Gallery side. This is a great marketing tool, direct your clients toward images or product that you would like them to order.

Click on the "Categories" icon ( if you used categories ) and you can change an individual's photo to another category.

If you want to delete all the photos in a category, click on "Refine" beside "Categories" and choose which category of images you would like to change. To the right you will see, X Delete photos from "now viewing categories". This will delete all the images from this category. Great if you made a mistake loading or if you would like to change the category out. Its that Simple.


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