Tutorials > How to Order Using the Favorites Icon

There are 3 methods of ordering:

Go through the images and click on the star to highlight your "favorites". Pick as many as you like as this is not your final order. Once you have made your selections click, "View Favorites". This will take you to a short list displaying your selects. You can still use side by side and enlarge tools in the "View Favorites" screen. Un-click the star for any you wish to delete and hit "refresh". Now that you have your favorites selected click, "Send Order". This is still not the final step, you can still make changes or add comments before the order is sent.

When you are ready, fill in any information you would like to add in the e-mail box and then click "Send Order". This sends the complete order.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

It's that Simple.


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