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"Orders" is where you receive E-Commerce information for orders and "Notifications" is for non e-commerce orders.
These two items are located along the top row in your "Loading Zone"

"Orders" contains: client name, client e-mail address, total of purchase, shipping and handling charge (if applicable), order status menu bar, order notes area, date created and "View Items Add Notes" icon.

"Order Status Menu Bar" contains three items to help keep track of your orders: awaiting payment, payment received and order complete.

"View Items Add Notes" click on this icon to view your specific details about your order. In the window box add your order notes. Just add a Simple note to help keep track of your order process. This information will end up in the space provided on your main menu bar for your order.

Simplesee recommends that you keep your orders as reference to confirm order history with clients.

When an e-commerce order has been completed you will receive an e-mail of your order from Simplesee and a separate e-mail from PayPal when the order has been paid.

To complete the e-commerce transaction the user is redirected to PayPal. He can pay with his own PayPal account or credit card if you have set up a business PayPal account. You will receive an email from PayPal confirming payment has been received. It will have the total paid and the complete buyer information. phone number, email address and mailing and shipping label all on your receipt. If you do not receive email from PayPal, contact the buyer and ask to have him try again or complete the transaction in a different way. You may not want to complete your orders until the order has been payed.

"Notifications" from non e-commerce galleries are sent to you after someone has made an order using the "favorites" icon. Great for credit clients. You will receive an email from Simplesee. It will have the clients name, email address, a comment (if they left one ) and a list of their favorites. Your order will also appear in the Loading Zone menu bar in "Notifications". Click "Details" to review and fill in your order tracking information.


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