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Home builders can show progress photos for their clients. Use categories for dates, and a separate URL for each client.

Corporate libraries. A corporation can use simplesee to have a complete digital online library of all their images on file. Use the watermarking tool for additional security.

Simplesee E-Commerce

Was designed to sell anything you can photograph on line. Sweaters, cars, artwork,widgets...the list is endless. You can update your products and change prices faster than any traditional web site.

Web Sites

If you do not have a web site already, use the sub domain you created in your "Personal Membership" area. Create a gallery for your portfolio or product line. Create categories, customize with 3 viewing options and pick one or all 5 image icons options. There are 8 different colored templates to choose from to showcase your portfolios. You can sell your products directly on this URL or just have it for viewing.


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