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There are many tools on Simplesee to help increase your bottom line. Use the "Favorites" icon to let your credit clients order with ease, or use the "E-Commerce" icon and have your clients pay for purchases right on the spot.

Use the gallery expiry date to help close sales or stimulate specials. Great for clients you know will need a little help to make final decisions on orders like weddings and family portraits. You may even want to charge a fee to reload the site after the expiry date.

Bill for this service. In the past you had to get the images to your client somehow. This was usually done with the cost of a jpg proofing c.d. and courier plus your admin time. Only one person cold view these images. The average cost for this service was around $75. Now you can supply your clients with a better, faster, environmentally friendly service. More than one person can view at the same time. The galleries can be viewed from any where in the world on any computer or i-phone and there are great tools for comparing and selecting the final images.

Bill this service to your clients every time you post them a private on-line edit suite.

Charging for Simplesee in your billing can quickly pay for your entire year's membership and make you money in no time.


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